Protective Goggles



Lancer Tactical Emerson SI Ballistic Goggles For Helmet w/ Fan Version (BLK) (AC-444BF). Keeping Son of Liberty International trainers and trainees safe during simulations.

The Emerson SI Ballistic Goggle is the perfect option for the player who demands a field of vision clear of fogging, even in the most extreme conditions. The goggle features a silent electronic fan that efficiently and silently removes the moist air from the goggle chamber to prevent the lenses from fogging and blocking your line of sight. The product comes with hard carrying case so that you do not have to worry about damaging your investment. Additionally, the package comes with an extra dark lens that you can swap out from the clear lens to protect your eyes against bright light. Without a doubt, the Emerson SI Ballistic Goggle is sure to please those who seek clear vision of the field.

Manufacturer: Emerson
Model: SI Ballistic Goggle W/ Fan
Color: Black Frame / 2 Lenses
Size: Adjustable 
Package Includes: Goggle, Clear Lens, Dark Lens, Carrying Case