Joining SOLI will allow you to:

  • Start your own online fundraising campaign to support SOLI.
  • Fund specific SOLI missions.
  • Receive a photo of equipment you bought for SOLI.
  • Recruit and build your own SOLI fundraising unit and expand it into an army of SOLI supporters that have the numbers and resources to change the outcome of missions (and perhaps even battles on the ground).
  • Advance in our innovative and entertaining rank and unit system.
  • Network with other SOLI members in our online community.
  • Receive prizes, rewards, and access to exclusive content
  • Be part of the most creative and exciting fundraising and social networking community in the world while changing the course of history.

How to JOIN:

  • Register by making a contribution to SOLI
  • Create your personal Profile
  • Recruit Team Members for your unit OR Create and Promote a Fundraising Campaign
  • Advance in Rank (gain access to prizes and exclusive content)
  • Have a Tangible Impact on the Fight Against ISIS and Terrorism and the Survival of Threatened Communities

If you are interested in working with SOLI as a professional or military trainer/advisor, please complete an application here.

Raising awareness and funding improves our ability to continue providing free consulting, training, supplies, and other services to communities threatened by terrorist and insurgent groups. We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to help our cause, and we consider your potential efforts to be foundational for our work.