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Erbil, Iraq

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We are once again helping take the fight to the terrorists by training local opporessed populations to defend themselves.  This next mission will be instrumental in helping Iraqis near Mozul defend their liberty and take back their homes.  We cannot do this without the continued support of prayers of partners in liberty like you!  All contributions will go directly to equipping our trainers with everything they need to make their trainees successful in the fight against terrorism.

Current Campaigns

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Past Missions

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Training Mission 5: Summer 2016 (NPF)

Mission Descripton:

The current SOLI Summer 2016 Mission is designed to provide both basic and advanced training to the NPF (Nineveh Plain Force). Despite the extreme summer heat, the ISIS attack on the town of Telesk ...

Mission Name:

Training Mission 4: Spring 2016 (NPF)

Mission Descripton:

The SOLI Spring 2016 Mission was designed to provide continuous, on-the-ground, basic and specialized training for the NPF (Nineveh Plain Forces). The basic training course ran for 4 weeks and was ...

Mission Name:

Training Mission 3 2015 (NPU)

Mission Descripton:

In May, 2015 SOLI provided a leadership training course for NPU (Nineveh Plain Protection Units) sergeants and officers, taught by a former West Point instructor volunteering for SOLI. This was an ...

Mission Name:

Training Missions 1 and 2 2014-2015 (NPU)

Mission Descripton:

Training 1: October, 2014 to January, 2015 In October, 2014 Sons of Liberty International (SOLI) began strategizing with Iraqi Assyrian Christians to as ...

Past Campaigns

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2015 Operating Expenses

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  • Programming Costs - 70%
  • Marketing Costs - 9%
  • Office Costs - 8%
  • Staff, Contractor, Legal Costs - 13%

Future Missions

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Sons of Liberty International plans to expand operations to other countries once there is sufficient funding to do so. Our current and future missions are focused on assisting local forces in the fight against ISIS, and helping to end Christian persecution around the world by helping Christian communities learn to defend themselves against terrorists and insurgents..

Please Support our Work

Sons of Liberty International (SOLI) is the first security contracting and military training firm to operate on a non-profit business model. As part of SOLI’s mission to take the profit out of war while helping people around the world, SOLI relies 100% on the support of contributors like you.

SOLI is seeking your support to expand the company and meet the growing needs of those on the frontlines against ISIS in Iraq and other countries.

Your financial support will have a tangible affect on the ground, helping the defenseless to defend themselves and the oppressed to liberate themselves.

Photos of SOLI training the NPU (2014 - 2016)

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