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Training 1: October, 2014 to January, 2015

In October, 2014 Sons of Liberty International (SOLI) began strategizing with Iraqi Assyrian Christians to assist them in the creation of the NPU  (Nineveh Plain Protection Units), a military force in the Nineveh Plain region of Iraq on the frontlines of the fight against ISIS. SOLI and its founder, Matthew VanDyke, provided a range of services to the NPU beginning in October 2014:

  • SOLI founder Matthew VanDyke served as the Nineveh Plain Protection Units’ primary advisor from December, 2014 to May, 2015, working very closely with the NPU leadership committee and NPU military commanders
  • In December, 2014 SOLI opened a  training facility north of Mosul, where SOLI began training 25 NPU soldiers. This initial training continued into January, 2015, providing SOLI with several weeks to assess the abilities, morale, and needs of the NPU and its leadership. SOLI determined that the NPU were ideal candidates for further training in the fight against ISIS.


Training 2: January, 2015 to April, 2015


In January of 2015, SOLI and the NPU (Nineveh Plain Protection Units) received permission from the Peshmerga and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to train the entire battalion of Assyrian Christian NPU soldiers. This official authorization allowed SOLI and the NPU to move the training from the facility north of Mosul to an official military base, the Manila Training Center, near Chamchamal, Iraq.

The first battalion of NPU soldiers graduated from SOLI training on February 18, 2015. SOLI continued close advising and consulting of the newly trained battalion and the NPU leadership through May, 2015.



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